Our school uniform is available to purchase from:

Victoria 2
246 Hoe Street
E17 3AX
Telephone: 020 8520 2176


Our School Uniform consists of the following items to be worn by all children from Reception to Year 6:

Red Fleeces (school badge optional) can be used for cold weather and outdoor P.E.
Red Sweatshirt/Jumper/Cardigan (school badge optional)
White polo shirt (school badge optional)
Grey trousers
Optional Grey skirt for girls with white knee-length socks/ankle socks or grey tights
Black Shoes or solid black trainers
Plain Hijabs only

Optional Summer Wear
Grey shorts (boys and girls)
Red chequered dress
For girls in dresses or skirts – knee-length white socks/ankle socks or grey tights
Sandals with closed toes (no open-toe sandals)
Sun hat

Physical Education
Red or White ‘T’ shirt / polo shirt (school badge optional) – plain with no brand names or other logos
Red or black shorts
Red or black sweatshirt / fleece jacket (school badge optional) – plain with no brand names or other logos
Red or black jogging / tracksuit bottoms (during colder months)
Plimsolls are recommended for indoor use for gymnastics (or bare feet)
Trainers for outdoor use

PLEASE NOTE: All Physical Education items must be plain or with the school badge.  No branded sportswear items  or other logos are allowed.

In order to ensure the best use of physical education (P.E.) time, from September 2017, pupils will be expected to come to school already dressed in their P.E. on their timetabled P.E. day.  Please ensure that your child is wearing weather appropriate P.E. kit.


No jewellery is allowed to be worn except for small stud earrings and watches

Nail Varnish
Nail varnish is NOT allowed to be worn