Chair of Governors Welcome

The Governing board consists of 11 members who are a mixture of Staff, Parents and Co-opted professionals via the Local Authority. This balance of members means that we are able to support Coppermill by attending regular meetings and focus on its strategic direction.

We all meet once every half term as a whole and attend one school visit per term. There is also a Finance sub-committee that discusses key areas in greater depth. The Finance Committee sets the budget, monitors it throughout the year and focuses on all finance related matters. The Full Governing Board focuses on all other areas including: Safeguarding, Attendance, Behaviour, Curriculum and activities carried out to deliver Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 results. The Governing Board and the Finance Committee also regularly review and ratify the school’s policies in their respective areas to ensure they are up to date and fit for purpose.

Each Governor also has a ‘Link’ area of responsibility and meets with the staff leads at the school for updates on key achievements and future plans. These currently are: Maths, Literacy, Science, Humanities, Computing, Art, Safeguarding and Borough of Culture. These meetings are when Governors can challenge progress and ensure it is in line with the School Development Plan. There is also a governor with responsibility for Training to ensure we are kept up to date and attend relevant training.

Our aim is that Coppermill is an outstanding school which consistently provides the highest level of teaching and learning, together with a safe and vibrant environment for all staff and pupils. Coppermill is fully committed to its core values which is resonant throughout the school on our visits. The school has a diverse team of staff who work well together at every level, maintain great and regular communication and provide fantastic support to pupils and parents with any individual needs to ensure it remains an inclusive environment for all.

Jen Burr

Chair of Governors